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Transforming lives through Research

Alliance's Clinical Research Expertise for commercialization success

Our experience in clinical research is considerable and our equipment is very advanced. Research studies are conducted in a controlled environment by thoroughly trained and highly skilled technicians. Standard protocols are followed to substantiate a wide variety of product claims. Custom protocols can be developed to suit your specific study requirements.

We have all the expertise to thoroughly interpret results and provide you with suitable reports for your technical and marketing needs.

All of our Investigators are board certified in their specialty areas including dermatology, endocrinology, pulmonology, gynecology, gastroenterology, cardiology, internal medicine, family medicine and psychology.

Our team of physician investigators and clinical research professionals are committed to bringing quality care and quality research. We meet if not exceed your enrollment goals. Our well-trained staff provides excellent care for all Study participants involved. Also, our Principal Investigators are very interactive which helps keep a high patient retention and satisfaction rate.

Speed up Your Drug Development Program

Trial Recruitment

Enrolling patients for trials is an overwhelming task and often the biggest barrier to a successful study. We offer end to end solutions for fully enrolled trials.

Regulatory Management

Regulatory paperwork can be daunting task and might delay important phases such as study start-up. But we at Alliance have the experience and the expertise to handle regulatory management with ease. Our timely communication makes sure that our contract turn around time is greatly reduced. Also you can obtain easy access to all regulatory documentation.

Source Data Access

Get continuous access to all source and regulatory data. We ensure highly transparent and quality data collection/reporting. Use data from a diversified patient pool.

Remote Monitoring

Full and secure remote monitoring capabilities so that you ultimately save time and resources across your drug development program.

Only Alliance gives you direct access to Physicians and Latest Treatments under Investigation.